Ten Stone Mountain Lodge

64°16’51.5″ N, -128°52’14.3″ W

From the Operator

Growing up in the North, I spent my youth in remote locations, from the small communities where I lived daily to the time I spent on the land with our neighbors.

Every moment where I found myself close to nature was special. But the moments I was in the Mackenzies… nothing else compared. The grandeur, the scale, the beauty, and the sheer truth of the place, had an impact on me. I believe that what captured me so much was the undeniable reality of the place.

When the idea for Ten Stone Mountain Lodge came to be, I realized we had to follow our vision. So… you are looking at it, and with any luck, you will be standing there one day, and without a doubt, the Mackenzies will impact you as they impacted me. We hope that the possibility of this journey captures you, and we hope to meet you one day.