About The Lodge


Ten Stone Mountain Lodge was built by the team at North-Wright Airways over three summers from 2016-2019. The lodge sits on a unique lake at the intersection of many mountain valleys and several unnamed peaks. The land here is so untamed and remote, palpably so. As you can imagine, building the cabin was no small feat.

For a summer, three men, skilled builders, friends, and journeymen in their own right, spent three months living in the Mackenzies. They spent their days’ timber framing and sipping whiskey under the midnight sun. The Twin Otter would regularly land to replenish their supplies. Groceries and lumber were hauled in as they built this little masterpiece.

When you set foot in the lodge, the skill, attention to detail, and pure love they wove into the woodwork shines through. Today Ten Stone persists, waiting for the next lucky visitor to breathe that alpine air in the Mackenzies. 


Tenstone Mountain Lodge was built in 2019. Dedicated builders supported by skilled bush pilots spent three summers pouring their hearts and souls into this exceptional timber-frame lodge.

The lodge comes fully equipped for your stay. The main floor has two private rooms with a double bed each, and the loft contains one queen and two singles. The kitchen has everything you need, including a coffee maker, mini fridge, oven, necessary utensils, and dinnerware. As stationary BBQs can attract local wildlife, a small portable BBQ is available upon request.

Running water is sourced from our alpine lake during the warmer months. However, all the water is frozen during winter, so we provide water jugs to haul in for winter visits. 

You will have the option for internet access during your stay. This is not necessary, but internet access is available if you want to stay connected.

We look forward to welcoming you to our mountain getaway. The lodge is truly an unforgettable destination.


Our ability to access the lodge entirely depends on two factors. The first is the lake. The lake must be completely thawed and ice-free to facilitate a safe float landing or completely frozen with suitable conditions for landing on skis. 

The second factor is whether the planes have the appropriate landing gear. For the winter, we don’t put the Twin on skis until early March because snow conditions and weather are more favorable for this kind of flying. 

Spring in the Mackenzies is a beautiful time to visit. The landscape is just waking up from a long, cold, dark winter, birds will be active, and wildlife sightings, while less common than in summer, are possible. The snowpack is perfect for skiing, with powdery snow on top of a solid foundation. 

During this time, the power of the northern summer sun begins to heavily influence the landscape, allowing for significant variations in temperature and heavy sun exposure due to altitude.

Summer at Tenstone is non-stop, bursting at the seams with beauty and activity. Here in the North, we have long, dark winters, so a lot of living has to happen in the Summer—and with 24-hour light, it does.

The coniferous trees dominate the landscape, but dozens of other leafy plants are busy growing, blooming, and adapting their lifecycle to these short months. The fauna is also very active, and it’s common to see moose & caribou wandering through the valleys. 

As Summer winds down in the North, we welcome the therapeutic return of nightfall. After such a busy summer, the land feels ready for a long rest. In preparation for a long winter, the fauna is very active, and with yellow and green streaks shooting across the landscape, the colors of the mountains make their appearance.

Fall, although short, is easily the most elegant time of year.


We meet you in Norman Wells which is a 45 minute charter flight from Tenstone Mountain Lodge. Norman Wells is accessible via regularly scheduled flights from Yellowknife or Edmonton via Yellowknife. Depending on where you live, your travel time to Norman Wells will vary. It is common to travel over two days and sleep in either Yellowknife or Edmonton.

From Edmonton

If you decide to fly to Edmonton as the first leg of your journey, the airline with the most frequent flights to Norman Wells is Canadian North.

Please note that the flight path will go through Yellowknife and on certain days will also travel through Inuvik.

From Yellowknife

If you fly to Yellowknife as the first leg of your journey, you have two air carrier options. Both Canadian North and North-Wright Air fly from Yellowknife to Norman Wells daily.

Depending on the day, Canadian North flights will either fly direct to Norman Wells or will stop in Inuvik first.

The North-Wright flights travel through the small communities of the Sahtu, and both flights offered have two short stops before arriving in Norman Wells.